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Welcome to StarBeat!

We Are a Social Talent Discovery Network!

StarBeat is an online talent competition platform, where You - the Audience - runs the show!

We're based out of Vancouver (Canada), and rapidly expanding internationally.

Very soon, we'll be locally-global!


We're in Beta!

As you've probably noticed, we're continually rolling out new features and services. 

Special thanks to our early fans and loyal supporters. Your feedback is fantastic and we're on it.

In 2017, we will be releasing a massive upgrade. Stay tuned!


Talent Hunt, Everyone & Everywhere!

StarBeat is looking for all kinds of talented performers, in all genres - ranging from vocalists, musical virtuosos, bands, comedians, models, artists and other electrifying entertainers scattered across the globe.


We can create our own opportunities. We will do this, together!

Help Discover + Get Discovered! 

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